About Us

AMANSEC is the first registered information security startup in the Syrian Arab Republic located in Latakia, Syria.
Having its team members participating from Syria, Sweden and India, AMANSEC promises its customers a high degree of business satisfaction and proficiency.

Our Services

Analyzing and building security architectures Using international standards, we provide and build defense in depth strategies for companies, starting from securing applications, systems and network devices to improving physical security layers to the infrastructure of the company.

Penetration testing services We provide the ability to choose one of the three standards of pen-testing services: BlackBox, GrayBox and WhiteBox, giving our customers a detailed security report about breaches that could happen to their company, using the most advanced attack vectors.

Proactive incident response and management With a team distributed at multiple locations and time-zones around the globe, we take the responsibility to monitor and respond to attacks targeting systems and networks in a 24/7 time-line.

Risk and vulnerability assessment solutions We will let our customers know about the vulnerabilities found in their environment without targeting the network, giving you a full report about what we found, you can use it to assess your security team and fix those vulnerabilities.



Syria: (963) 937 992992
Italy: (39) 389 2633785




Syrian Computing Society 's building
6th Floor
Lattakia - Syria